Well-Experienced and Knowledgeable
V-Tek (VTC), a company founded in 1989, specializes in dealing with IC semiconductor, Optoelectronic (LCD, OLED/LEDs, MMICs) and Solar PV industries in Taiwan and China by supplying customers related systems, equipments/tools, raw materials, chemicals, services...such as in/offline glass and thin film AOI system and wafer micro-crack detecting system, metrology system, autoprobe systems, wafer vacuum handling tools, MFC, laser wire welding system..., chemicals for CVD, pads for CMP, InSb/GaAs/Sapphire/silicon substrates/wafers and crystal ingot/bulk, quartz/graphite parts for PVD/CVD/Etcher/crystal puller systems, copper ribbon, ITO and oxide targets GZO/AZO/IGAZO and silver paste, quartz wares, polishing/lapping slurry and template, diamond blades/wheels, EVA and back sheet, sealants...for related industries applications.

Strong Connection
VTC has been helping many manufacturers, Veriflo (regulator/valve/fitting), FCM/Freiberger (GaAs wafer), ADCS (CVD chemical and delivery systems), HOT/Heraeus (gold bonding wire), MEECO (trace H2O/H2/O2 analyzers), KC Tech (gas cabinet and control system), MST (gases detector system), ATMI (precursor), EcoSys (scrubbers), Rubicon (sapphire), CEEC, Akita (ceramics), Luvata (copper ribbon, bus wire)..., to be the top market sharer in Taiwan and our founder, Albert Hong, used to be the first president of ATMI (an IPO company in NASDAQ) Taiwan.

One-Stop-Shop Service
From the background and experience VTC team has, we do believe a good agent/distributor is very important to suppliers in order to have a just-in-time service to local customers and to speed time to market then would be able to become a key player in high-tech fields in no time, especially in Taiwan, thanks to the efforts and dedication we/VTC have done in the past 20 years, VTC should be the right partner for customers and suppliers for VTC's strong connection with customers, sales/applications knowledge and strong finance it helps VTC would and could provide Just-In-Time and emergency delivery and demo/presentation service to related customers.

VTC creates a Tri-Win for customers, suppliers and itself through our capability, performance, loyalty and friendship the motto and culture of VTC. VTC's partners, customers and suppliers, are always impressed by the passion that we have when it comes to sales and service activities. Especially, when VTC has won its reputation and friendship in related industries and suppliers in the world for more than 20 years. Moreover, VTC's commitment and spirit is a value-added maker as anywhere, anytime partner's, customers and manufacturers, reputation, business and friendship are the one that we/VTC count most.

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